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德国OKA tell you: the difference between aluminum pl
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In the process of house decoration, a variety of pipes need to be used, such as aluminum plastic pipe and PPR pipe. So how to connect the aluminum plastic pipe and PPR pipe? What is the difference between aluminum plastic pipe and PPR pipe? Today, 德国OKA Xiaobian will tell you:

1. Compared with the two kinds of pipes, PPR pipe will be lower in cost. It is an economic and affordable product, which can be connected by hot melting, but the time and pressure are not well mastered, and the randomness of the process will be greater. In addition, after the use of electric fuse, the copper in PPR will be dissolved quickly, so the aging speed will be faster. The aluminum-plastic pipe can be connected in a physical way, and its internal aluminum layer has a good compressive effect. From this point of view alone, it is much higher than PPR pipe. However, in terms of cost, it will be relatively high, and the overall cost is more than that of PR pipe.

2. The sanitary pollution of PPR pipe is worse than that of aluminum plastic pipe, because it is a kind of all plastic pipe and does not block oxygen, so it is easy to breed bacteria during use, resulting in water pollution. The aluminum-plastic pipe has a barrier effect, is not easy to breed bacteria, and can effectively reduce water pollution.


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