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德国OKA Tell you: what are the methods to solve the
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德国OKA tells you: what are the methods to solve the expansion and contraction deformation of PPR water pipe?

When using pipes, it is easy to have the phenomenon of thermal expansion and cold contraction, especially for pipes such as PPR materials, which seems to be a very difficult problem, but this problem can be solved as long as corresponding methods are taken. However, many people do not understand the solution of thermal expansion and cold contraction of PPR pipes, so what are the methods to solve the expansion and contraction deformation of PPR pipes?

1. Pipe reinforcement with semicircular metal support plate

When it is difficult to use the free arm compensation method for the large-diameter closed riser set in the pipeline well, the galvanized iron plate with a thickness of 1.0-2.0mm can be processed into a semicircular metal support plate with the same inner arc diameter as the outer diameter of the pipeline, which is covered on the side of the pipeline against the wall, and the support plate is connected with the pipeline with a fixed pipe clamp, and then fixed on the wall.

2. Compensation method with free arm

In the exposed and non directly buried pipelines, the free arm compensation method should be used to solve the thermal expansion and cold contraction deformation of the pipeline, that is, to give the pipeline space and room for free expansion and contraction. Generally, L-shaped and Z-shaped pipes are arranged and equipped with appropriate fixed and movable supports to realize compensation.

3. Take thermal insulation measures

PPR water pipes should be concealed, especially directly buried in the soil of wall, floor and ground. Reduce the change of external ambient temperature, so as to reduce the expansion and contraction of PPR water pipe. The PPR cold water pipeline directly in brick wall, floor slab and soil in Nanchang does not consider the axial expansion of the pipeline and does not need to take compensation measures for thermal expansion and cold contraction of the pipeline.

4. Shielding measures shall be taken for outdoor exposed pipelines.

PPR water pipes should not be installed outdoors, especially on the roof. When the outdoor temperature difference between day and night exceeds 20 ℃, the expansion rate of PPR water pipe can reach 4.6mm/m. If it must be installed outdoors, effective shielding measures shall be taken, such as adding PVC or other casing, wrapping a layer of adhesive tape, setting with cement or adding metal protective cover.

5. Dense pipe clamps are used to restrain water pipe deformation

The principle of this method is to artificially divide the pipe into several parts by using the fixed pipe clamp, so as to shorten the free section of PPR water pipe (generally no more than 3m) and fix it firmly. This method can effectively reduce the expansion deformation of PPR water pipe and has little construction difficulty. It is suitable for the installation of DN63 pipe diameter.

6. Reasonable use of supports and hangers

7. Compensating pipe deformation with metal compensator

In addition, during pipeline installation, soft gaskets, such as rubber and plastic, must be filled at the clamping position between the pipeline and supports and hangers to prevent damage to the pipeline.


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