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德国OKA Teach you the common sense of imported water
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Many people choose materials with high cost performance as much as possible when decorating water pipes. Some even choose them casually after being hoodwinked by PPR pipes for 50 years. After basic water and electricity are completed, the pressure test will be accepted successfully. What's more, they may not even do the pressure test. Few people pay attention to how the water pipe is installed. In fact, good quality needs to cooperate with good installation in order to truly achieve safety and worry free! Today, 德国OKA  Xiaobian will teach you:

There are three types of waterway installation: roof, floor and wall. The comparison is as follows:


Ground pipeline

The pipeline installation is the easiest to walk on the ground, and the materials are not much. However, if there is water leakage, it is not easy to find. The maintenance is the most troublesome and may cause major losses (such as soaking the floor and damaging the cabinet and ceiling of the neighbors downstairs). The installation will damage the ground waterproof. Workers generally like to walk on the ground because the construction is simple and do not care about the after-sales problems.


It is difficult to install the pipeline on the wall and use the least materials. In case of water leakage, it is easy to repair and find the water leakage. Generally, it is not easy to cause major losses, but slotting is difficult and will damage the wall more, and will not damage the ground waterproof.


The overhead pipeline is the most difficult to install and uses a lot of materials. In case of water leakage, it is easy to repair and find the water leakage, which is not easy to cause major losses and will not damage the ground waterproof. If it passes through the hall, it shall be covered by ceiling or gypsum line.

It can be seen that water pipe jacking is certainly a safer choice. However, the specific situation is still analyzed in detail. For example, when it is inconvenient to walk on the top of the hall, you can only walk on the ground. Of course, the choice of water pipes mentioned at the beginning is also very important. Only the real PPR pipe can work for 50 years.

PS: in addition, in order to avoid water leakage after decoration, pay attention to the protection of pipes at the construction site!


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