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德国OKA Pipe connection mode
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德国 OKA pipeline is widely used in the field of home decoration and hydropower in China. For the installation and layout of pipeline, it is necessary to connect it. At present, there are several methods for the connection of 德国 OKA pipeline.

1: Hot melt connection

Hot melt connection is to use special heating tools to directly heat the parts to be connected. When connecting two pipes with a certain pressure, the hot melt temperature will be different according to the plastic material of the pipe. The hot melt temperature of conventional PPR material is about 260 degrees. After the pipe fittings are heated and taken out from the heating elements, they can be connected in parallel.

2: Mechanical connection

Some special pipes are equipped with corresponding threaded joints, which only need to be tightened with corresponding mechanical equipment. This connection method has poor sealing performance. This method is generally not used for water pipe connection, and this method can be used for some threaded pipes of natural gas.

3: Electrothermal connection

When pipes of the same brand are connected, they are sleeved with special electric melting pipe fittings, energized by electric melting connecting machine, and welded by relying on the heat of internal resistance wire of electric melting pipe fittings. After cooling, a complete connection mode will be formed. This kind of connection mode can reduce the time required for welding and has high convenience of operation.

4: Hydraulic connection

For some German pipelines used to transmit gas, relevant metal fittings are installed on the top of the pipeline, and a certain hydraulic impact force is used to connect the pipelines. This kind of connection has good air tightness.


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